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All mediation engagements are scheduled and charged for on a full day basis.  The daily fee includes all preparation time, a full-day of mediation, and any reasonably required subsequent telephone efforts with the parties' counsel to reach a settlement where the mediation session concluded without an agreed upon resolution of all the disputed issues by the parties.  It is Mr. Jones' practice to also schedule pre-session telephone calls with individual counsel after mediation briefs are received to clarify any of the issues presented if any participating counsel so desires.  These pre-session calls are also included in the daily session fee.

The daily fees are as follows:

Single Plaintiff Cases - $6,000 

Class, Collective, and/or Representative Action Cases - $8,000

Mediation sessions held outside the San Francisco Bay Area require an additional fee for reasonable travel expenses to be agreed upon at the time the mediation is scheduled.

When a mediation has been scheduled, a confirmation letter with all terms will be emailed to all parties along with an invoice for the total fee with the allocation to be paid by each party which has been provided by the party scheduling the mediation session.  The full amount of the fee must be received from all parties twenty-one days prior to the scheduled date of the mediation.  If any parties have not paid their portion of the invoice by that time, the mediation will not go forward and the scheduled date will become available to others.  Any cancellations must also be made not less than twenty-one days prior to the scheduled mediation session date so that the date can become available to others.

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