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Mediation is a process that is an entirely voluntary process from which any party may withdraw at any time.  Mediation is conducted by a mutually agreed upon neutral mediator who must at all times remain entirely impartial.  


Confidentiality is critical to the mediation process.  California law specifically provides for the confidentiality of mediation communications through the inadmissibility or compelled discovery of any communications by or between participants to mediation, with only a few very specific exceptions.  In addition, before the parties participate in the mediation, they and their counsel will all be required to enter into a formal written "Confidentiality Agreement" that sets forth their agreement to maintaining the confidentiality of the process, including how confidential information provided by them to the arbitrator in private, will be handled. 

All mediation will be conducted in accordance with all applicable federal and state statutes, regulations, and rules of evidence.

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